Glenn Beck Has Found The Real Victim In Same-Sex Marriage SCOTUS Ruling…Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck Has Found The Real Victim In Same-Sex Marriage SCOTUS Ruling…Glenn Beck!

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and professional crier Glenn Beck took to his radio program Friday to comment on the ruling made by the Supreme Court of the United States that made same-sex marriage legal across the nation. At one point, Beck made an effort to acknowledge that the country has now shown a level of tolerance for LGBT people and that should be applauded. However, the show quickly devolved into him whining about the decision and presenting himself as a victim because he believes in “traditional marriage” and the gays will come to get him, all with the full backing of the federal government.

Beck pointed out that although homosexual couples have claimed that this was all about love and being able to have a relationship publicly acknowledged and recognized, his belief is that gays and lesbians won’t stop at marriage equality. Nope. In Beck’s mind, LGBT people and their liberal lackeys are going to use this ruling as a stepping stone to come after churches and straight people, essentially forcing them to accept and be part of their lifestyles.

The wannabe cult leader didn’t just stop there. He also made sure to highlight his theory that he will be outlawed from broadcasting over public airwaves in the near future because he objects to same-sex marriage. See, the federal government controls the radio licenses, and if he is to continue giving his honest thoughts on the subject, he will find himself banned from broadcasting. Because, BIG GAY GOVERNMENT!

From Beck’s broadcast:


“This could mean the end of radio broadcasts like mine. I am on now public airwaves regulated by the federal government. If I say, or anybody on this show says they’re for traditional marriage, which I am in my personal life … that now puts this radio broadcast in jeopardy because we are on federally regulated airwaves. I will tell you that I am going to begin, today, looking for other vehicles besides the radio broadcast just so, in a two year period, should somebody start to mount this, what does that mean?”

“The world has changed. The fundamental transformation of America is over. We are no longer a country that is following the Constitution of the United States of America. That is a thing of the past.”


That sounds a whole lot like Beck is going to go a-grifting soon and call on his listeners and followers to donate money to help him set up new platforms so they can get their full Glenn Beck experience. What better way to fleece the easily fleeceable than to convince them that the federal government is coming to force everyone to embrace the gay lifestyle? Heck, that’s more than enough proof to get your Aunt Nadine to send half of next month’s Social Security check to Beck. He is a HERO for freedom, daggummit!

Below is a clip from Beck’s program, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:



Justin Baragona

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