Mike Huckabee On Fox News: “When I Love God…I Don’t Have A Problem With Racism. It’s Solved!”

Mike Huckabee On Fox News: “When I Love God…I Don’t Have A Problem With Racism. It’s Solved!”

During an appearance on Gabfest For Dummies ™ Fox & Friends, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stated that the issue of racism was solved in his mind because of his love for God. In a discussion with guest host Ed Henry, the part-time Ted Nugent bassist said that we don’t need to have any more conversations about race in this country. Instead, we need more conversions because racial reconciliation only comes through God. Remember, this is a legitimate contender for the White House.

Henry began the segment by buttering up Huckabee over his latest GOP poll numbers, showing him trailing only Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio among Republican voters as we approach primary season. After stroking his former colleague for a bit, Henry proceeded to ask Huck a semi-tough question regarding his stance on South Carolina’s embrace of the Confederate flag. The Fox News reporter pushed Huckabee on whether or not he’s punted over the past few days when pressed on the issue.

Per the Huckster, there is no more racism in South Carolina because they elected Nikki Haley as Governor, and she is of Indian descent. More so, they put a black man in office as a US Senator in Tim Scott, which totally proves racism is dead and buried in the South. (Nevermind that both are conservative Republicans who appeal directly to white Christians.) As for the Confederate flag, that is just something that the President of the United States shouldn’t be concerned with because states’ rights and all. But, anyway, racism gone because black and Indian elected officials.

That is when Huckabee then went on a different tangent and made the case that we don’t even need to have any conversations about race in this country because God has all the answers. Per Huck, everyone in the United States just needs to convert to Christianity and everything will be solved because God is not racist, or something like that. Furthermore, Huckabee doesn’t have any racist feelings in his heart because he loves God and God solved the problem.

Well, glad you cleared that up for us, Huck. With those kinds of credentials, you should make a fine and worthy leader of the free world.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



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