Twitter Reacts Approvingly To Jon Stewart’s Moving Monologue On Charleston Shooting

Twitter Reacts Approvingly To Jon Stewart’s Moving Monologue On Charleston Shooting

As most everyone is pretty much aware by now, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart responded to news of the murder of nine black church patrons in South Carolina with a somber and heartfelt monologue on his program Thursday night. Heading into the final weeks hosting the show, Stewart decided to forego delivering any jokes and instead spoke plainly and passionately about the racially motivated mass shooting committed by 21-year-old white male Dylann Storm Roof. As he pointed out, we’ve been down this road many times recently and, as a country, we inevitably won’t do jack shit about it.

Stewart labeled Roof’s actions a terrorist attack and noted that al Qaeda and ISIS cannot even come close to inflicting the type of damage that we here in America do to ourselves. Thankfully for Stewart, he had the perfect guest scheduled for his show, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, so he didn’t have to try to fake his way through a half-hearted conversation with a celebrity promoting their latest project. Instead, he could discuss tragedy, grief and the effects of violence on a society with someone who could provide a perfect perspective.

Below is video of Stewart’s speech, courtesy of Comedy Central:



Immediately after Thursday night’s broadcast and throughout the morning of Friday, Stewart’s remarks was the top trending item on Twitter. And the general consensus among those reacting was one of agreement and approval of his impassioned and brutally honest comments. Below are some of the more noteworthy examples:


Just to reiterate, Jon Stewart will only be host of The Daily Show for five more weeks. This is the kind of stuff we will be missing once he hangs them up.

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