‘Hitler Believed Darwin!’ Limbaugh Compares Liberals To Nazis Because They Believe In Evolution

‘Hitler Believed Darwin!’ Limbaugh Compares Liberals To Nazis Because They Believe In Evolution

During Friday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, sentient colostomy bag Rush Limbaugh went off on a weird tangent — even for him — where he brought up evolution and decided that because those on the left generally believe in the theory, that they are essentially racists who support eugenics and are just like Hitler. This was at the tail end of a lengthy rant about how liberals and progressives are fearmongering apocalyptics who are pushing global warming hoaxes so hard that people are now killing themselves out of fear. He used this as a segue into science skepticism that eventually led him to invoke Hitler and Darwin.

As with all things El Rushbo these days, it all began with Obama. With the news of the day revolving around the Charleston shooting, Limbaugh brought up how the President has politicized the deaths in order to push forward his fiendish plan of gun control. Eventually, we get into Obama and liberals using fear to control the population or something. I don’t know, this is Rush logic. Anyway, he brings us to climate change being fake and how scientists don’t know anything.

From the show’s transcript:


 “A Child Born Today May Live to See Humanity’s End.” This is Frank Fenner, an Australian microbiologist, and obviously he’s a fearmonger. Now, how many guys like this are there on the left? How many people are predicting the end of the human race? How many people are telling young people, “If we don’t something in 10, 20 years, it’s the end of us”? Ted Danson did this 25 years ago. Al Gore’s been doing it for 25 years. The pope now joins the bandwagon. Now we got this guy. 

He’s a scientist. Right here it is. This is Reuters, by the way, an ecstatic Reuters. They can’t wait to write this story. “Humans Will Be Extinct in 100 Years,” because the planet will be uninhabitable. Do you realize there’s not one leftist scientists who has predicted anything like this who has ever been right? The top of that class is Paul Ehrlich, who, back in 1970 some odd wrote a book called The Population Bomb saying by 2000 we’d be finished. That the earth couldn’t even come close to supporting a population that the world indeed has today.

He’s still a guru. He’s still a hero. He’s still a go-to source. He’s still at Stanford. He hasn’t been discredited at all. He couldn’t be more wrong. He’s still a leftist hero because he advances the liberal agenda, which is fear, chaos, panic, you name it, whatever it takes to get people to sign on and vote for bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom. So he’s ideal.


After reading a story about a couple in Argentina that killed their child out of climate change fears, Rush lets us all know that scientists cannot be trusted and are always wrong. He then dips his toe into deeper waters, telling his audience that those who believe in evolution are the real racists because Darwin taught us that humans changing from dark to light skin was a sign of racial superiority.


The teaching of human evolution is essentially rampant with racism, because evolution, as it’s being taught, discusses the transition from dark skin to light skin being more evolved. Now, I do know that the original eugenics crowd popularized by Margaret Sanger and her buds back then… This is what amazes me about the left: Margaret Sanger was all about eliminating the black race, and she’s a leftist hero today! Margaret Sanger and her eugenics buds — and there were a lot of supposedly really smart people in her eugenics crowd.

Well, now, if you happen to be a young kid in junior high or high school, and you’re being force-fed evolution, and part of evolution is teaching you that the transition from dark skin to light skin equals more evolved, what are you gonna think of dark-skin people? As I say, I wasn’t taught this. But I’m hearing from people that this is part of the curriculum. Well, if that’s true, for crying out loud, then it makes it a little bit more understandable why people like this Dylann Roof guy exist.

If evolution — which is a left-wing, mandatory requirement now. If evolution is teaching that part of evolution is “becoming” from dark skin to light skin? Holy smokes, folks! Remember Charles Darwin’s book on The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life? I mean, that was the title of Darwin’s book! And in the midst of all this the idea that people want to tag talk radio or Fox News with this stuff?

We have serious problems that apparently few are even willing to approach in terms of source and honest discussion and so forth. If that happens to be true — do you know that to be true about the teaching of evolution? (interruption) You don’t know that to be true? (interruption) I hope it isn’t. If that’s true, that answers every question you’ve got out there. If the evolutionists are teaching that part of evolution is going from you dark skin to light skin, and light skin/white skin is more evolved than dark skin? What if somebody like Hitler believed it? And he did!

Hitler believed Darwin!

What if somebody like Hitler believed it, which he did?


Well, there you have it, folks. Limbaugh cracked the code. He figured out that anyone who believes in evolution and Darwin’s teachings is a real racist and might actually be a Nazi. Hell, since Hitler believed Darwin, and Hitler’s regime practiced eugenics, bing bang boom Democrats are Nazis looking to wipe out the black race. The evidence is all there…can’t you see?

Later on, because why wouldn’t he, Limbaugh claimed that “the incendiary rhetoric doesn’t happen here. We’re focused on upbeat, positive.” I could not make that up if I tried.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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