Political Hack Mark Halperin Gives Donald Trump A Solid Grade For His Announcement

While others ridiculed the reality TV star for jumping into the 2016 White House race, Halperin thinks Trump delivered on both substance and style.

Living Viagra advertisement Donald Trump announced late Tuesday morning that he is running for President in 2016 while also declaring that he has $8.7 billion in assets, meaning that he will not be beholden to special interests and blah blah blah. Anyway, the official announcement was the shitshow that everyone expected it to be, with The Donald being his normal brash, arrogant, douchebaggery self. While he and a certain contingent of GOP voters are taking his candidacy seriously, the vast majority of observers have already brushed aside Trump’s campaign as a circus freakshow.

However, one political pundit thinks that Trump did a pretty decent job of rolling out his campaign and getting involved in the 2016 race. Mark Halperin, who now writes for Bloomberg, gave Trump a B- in his “Report Card” and said that the supposed multi-billionaire delivered in both style and substance. While one would be willing to give Halperin the benefit of the doubt regarding the style portion of Trump’s speech, his grading curve must be very liberal when it comes to giving the Apprentice host a good grade on substance.

From Halperin’s post:


Substance: Made a concerted and admirable effort to laundry-list his presidential plans before the speech was finished, calling for the replacement of Obamacare, cautioning foreign adversaries about messing with the U.S., expressing opposition to the current trade bill, promising to build a southern border wall and sticking Mexico with the bill, terminating Obama’s executive order on immigration, supporting the Second Amendment, ending Common Core, rebuilding infrastructure, resisting cuts in entitlement programs. Still, left open too many questions about the hows and wherefores, given that he has never run for nor held office.


Halperin took some shit from Twitter users when he tweeted out his column Tuesday.



In other news, Halperin is a fucking hack who must be trying to buck the trend of treating Trump like the joke he is and attempting to be contrarian for contrarian’s sake.

If you want to waste roughly an hour of your day, below is video of Trump’s entire announcement, courtesy of WSVN-TV:

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