LISTEN: Audio Recording Contains Quote From White House Official That Trump Claims Is ‘Phony’

The president took to Twitter Saturday morning to claim a quote in a New York Times article was from a "phony source" that "doesn't exist."

At the end of his pre-golf tweetstorm Saturday morning, President Donald Trump railed against the New York Times for an article on the canceled North Korea summit. Claiming that there was “ZERO disagreement” within his administration regarding North Korea, Trump then wrote that the Times used a quote from a senior White House official that “doesn’t exist,” adding that the paper uses “phony sources.”

Of course, the truth of the matter is that the Times quote was from a White House background briefing that was attended by the White House press corps, with dozens of other reporters calling in. Shortly after the president sent his tweet and was called out by numerous reporters for blatantly lying, journalist Yashar Ali revealed the name of the White House official — National Security Council member Matt Pottinger.

And that wasn’t the only thing Yashar provided. The writer also obtained an audio recording from the briefing, which included Pottinger saying the statement that was featured in the NYT article.

Check and mate.


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