President Trump Is A Blessing For Democrats In 2020

President Trump Is A Blessing For Democrats In 2020

There is an epic silver lining for Democrats following Donald Trump’s presidential victory: Election 2020 is a census year, which means that America’s congressional districting will be redrawn.

I find it difficult to believe that President Trump will be less scandal-prone than candidate Trump, which will likely embroil Trump’s presidency in endless controversy. I cannot imagine that Trump has the emotional stability to react to the inevitable criticism coming his way without self-destructing his chances at a 2020 reelection. This is good for Democrats.

If Hillary Clinton had won, on day one of her presidency Republicans would be actively trying impeach her. Her presidency would be under constant hyper-partisan siege, and her reelection campaign in 2020 would be asking the nation for a fourth consecutive Democratic presidential term. I’m not saying Democrats wouldn’t deserve a fourth consecutive term (they certainly deserved a third term thanks to Obama), but it certainly would be unprecedented in contemporary American politics for a party to win four straight terms. As such, 2020 is a more important election to win for liberalism than 2016 because of the census, and a President Trump will likely do much more to strengthen Democrats in 2020 than a President Clinton.

When Republicans won the 2010 midterm election, they redrew the congressional districting to give themselves this decade of disproportionate Republican representation in Congress. Democrats should now focus on 2020 with their entire hearts and souls to be able to undo the GOP’s districting chicanery.

If successful in 2020, Democrats should not play the same dirty gerrymandering tricks—for universal moralism reasonsbut the nation is obviously a blue nation given that Hillary Clinton still pulled off a popular vote victory. Redesigning for natural districting to undo Republicans’ unnatural districting will likely result in a decade of proper Democratic representation. Democrats will certainly be more competitive in the House again, which is much needed given that, with the current districting, a Democratic majority is virtually impossible even when Democrats win the presidential election (a la 2012).

Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate, which is unfortunate because this election was Democrats’ to lose. In 2020, if Democrats learn their Bernie Sanders lesson and nominate an unashamed liberal candidate, I believe Donald Trump’s presidency will be unable to help itself but precipitate an epic Democratic wave.

Democrats: take a big breath, and start thinking about 2020 right now. It is very possible that the 2020’s will be a decade of liberalism, but again, it’s your election to lose.

Levi Olson

Senior political columnist here at Contemptor, and a political scientist proving that American conservatism is a sham. Follow me on Tumblr at or on Facebook & Twitter @theleviolson.